Sunday, December 25, 2011

✽ Christmas ✽

Ho Ho Ho!!! :-D

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas. I hope everyone of you all spent it with your families and friends. I'm sure EVERYONE of you all ate until you couldn't breathe properly!! Hehe! :)

Oh,and as a Christmas Gift,I'm giving you all the link to Rihanna's "You Da One" music video [for those who haven't seen it yet] ----->

Merry Christmas Everyone :)


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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 3 :: Trip!!

Sooooo today marks the 3rd day I'm in Dordrecht!! Yes,its very much weird that I haven't had a flu bug and haven't done anything "out of the ordinary" [vomit] yet.
But anywhoo,who cares!?! I'm leaving today!! :-D. Sooo exciting isn't it??

Anywhoo,I got to take some pictures for ya'll to see where I'm at!!

1st Picture -- That's the house where I'm staying at. {Its my grandma's family house. Its quite OLD I must say.}

2nd Picture -- Mommy & I :-D

3rd Picture -- That's my mom's back standing with this other guy.

4rth Picture -- That's the back yard to the house. That's just the quarter of it. :-|.

Well anyways,gotta get ready to leave! [Can't wait. Beeeen counting down the hours!!]

Few Hours To Go Till Christmas ↓

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Friday, December 23, 2011

Celebrity Xmas Gifts

Hehe... As soon as I received this B/C [Broadcast] on bbm,I just had to share it with ya'll!

Xmas gifts for celebs :
1.Akhona(generations)-a new set of gums n teeth
2.Black coffee-a new hand
3.Bonang-bio fat
4.Nonhle-a chair 2 SITDOWN!
5.Oskido-vaslap n soap
6.Mshoza-advertisin contract wit jik or vanish
7.Dj sbu-strepsils
9.Sibusiso Dlomo-teeth whitner
10.Sliquor-nose job
11.Khanyi mbau-lamborghini bicycle
12.Thembi seete-a career
13.Loyiso bala-fans
14.Pastor mbhoro-manicure set
15.Dineo mashaba-new weave
16.Arthur mafokate-retirement contract
17.Khetiwe-lip reduction
18.Pitch black afro-dentist appointment
20.Mandla mthembu-the closest loan shark address
21.Akhumzi(yotv)-home pregnancy test
22.Azwindini-a beautiful wife
24.Zizo beda-step 1 hair product
25.Speedy-a calendar(d dude b stuck in da 60's wit his fashion sense)
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Firstly,I need to apologize for not keeping ya'll updated AND that there's no picture today.

Soooo!! Yesterday,my mom decided to go to King [for some reason] and we did that but now we ended up in Dordrecht :|. <--- That's the short version of the story!

How we ended up in Dordrecht? Well,lil me decided "hey! Lemme just joke around and escort my grandma to Dordrecht! :'D". Well guess what? It worked -___- . I didn't realize someone would actually listen to me!! And now I'm stuck here till Saturday :/. Then back to P.E on the same day! Talk about a sore ass (._. ")\ [I really don't wanna get into the ass part!]. If you've been on a car going to Cape Town or Knysna without any stops,then you probably know what I'm talking about.

Being stuck in a car [3 hour drive] with my grandma,mother,little cousin AND grandpa OBVIOUSLY leads to trouble. And to those who have me on bbm,KNOW what I'm talking about. I felt like ... Like .. I could take the whole world and drop it on Lil Wayne's head (^^,) (¥_¥ ).

Ah. Anyways,when we got here,I immediately left the site of those two women!!
Now to those who don't know where and how Dordrecht is,I'll break it down for ya'll.
Its that small lil town-ish place after Queenstown. And this place is a place where wearing the same clothes for 3days doesn't mean anything to people. A place where going to "play" with your friends at 9am and coming back at 9pm at night doesn't mean anything. A place where the toilets are outside (._." )\ [luckily,we got ours installed in the house]. A place where ... Ok ok,I'm sure you get the point right??

Anywhoo. My day,was just ... You know? But luckily,my other cousins made it worthwhile.

Well,that's all from me.
Will keep ya'll updated!

2 Days Till Christmas ↓
[TBH {To Be Honest},I'm not really keen for it.]

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Monday, December 19, 2011

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2011

Finally! I'm back! Not that much of you really cared .. Haha,ok maybe you did.

Annnnyyyywwwaaayyyyssss!!! :-D

Today we're focusing on The Victoria Secret Fashion Show [2011] {hence the heading!} Yeah yeah,I know I'm not much of a Fashion Head but still ...

The show aired on Etv last Friday [16th December]. If you missed it,I'll be honored to spare some nice words at your funeral :).

TBH [To Be Honest] with ya'll,this was the 1st Fashion Show I've ever watched in my entire life. And guess what? It was THAT AMAZING!!

The models have legs for DAAAAYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSS!!!! Their smiles were just so .... You know!? :-'D.

The other reason why I liked the show wasn't just because of the clothes and models,it was the music selection and the performances! I love how they paired every theme with a specific songs. Especially the Alternative Rock! I felt as though I was in Heaven. (♥.♥ )\
And when I say Performances,I mean by the likes of Jay Z & Kanye West [Niggas In Paris],Maroon 5 [Moves Like Jagger],Nicki Minaj [SuperBass]. And other music selections like The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die,OneRepublic - Secrets.

The show was filled with beautiful models I must say! Or should I say Angels? [That's what their called after all]. Angels like Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Doutzen Kroes, Behati Prinsloo, Candice Swanepoel, Chanel Iman ♥ ♥ , Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldridge, and Lindsay Ellingson ♥ [VERY Beautiful Women!!!]
I love how one model said "You'd be surprised by what these people can do with a pair of bra's & panties" (^^,). Ah! And she's absolutely right! Check the pictures above!

Well,that's all from for now. :)

6 Days Till Christmas ↓

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just Pictures

Ok so today I'm not REALLY gonna write about anything ... Its like I've hit a writers block or something. But anyways,I ain't gonna leave you guys hanging you know! :)

I just have some funny looking pictures I wanted to sure with you guys.. I'm sure ya'll are gonna like em (^^,).

Hehe ... Well that's all from me today! :)


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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good Day :)

Hello! Good Morning! --- Yes,I just said that in P-Diddy's voice just because it reminded me of his song.

Anyways! How's YOUR holiday going? Any complaints so far?

Well anyways,lemme tell you about MY holiday so far.
Arrived at about last week Wednesday! The weather here? Pffft! Don't let me start! Its just sssssooooo Windy! I feel like I'm in Cape Town at my uncle's apartment!
Oh and I'm in P.E. :)

Anywhoo,last night [Or rather should I say this morning] I slept at 2-3am :/. Weird? No,not for me. I do this EVERY night! -- Don't ask why.

What was I doing up all night? Well,I was basically watching Tv and BBM'ing all my friends but most importantly,I was searching for some new themes. I found this other really kiff one.. Its rrrreeeaaalllyy amazing from my point of view ... Oh and its the 2nd Picture on Top. I'm sure ya'll find it really kiff,right??? :-D

That 1st picture is meee [Obviously],took it yesterday! In my bloody Pj's!! (^^,). I don't normally do that -- much.

Ha! Sh*t this post is already long :-O. Dang! Oh! This morning,I saw my friend's facebook status,and it said something about a Crush actually lasting for 4months -- and its a scientific fact. Its for more than 4 months,then you're already in love :).

Ok,gonna really cut it short! Oh and I passed Grade 8! Yiiipppiii! To those who didn't pass,its really not the end of the world :). Try harder next year.

Ok,SERIOUSLY now I'm wrapping it out! Peace Out!!!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

3gp video: Beyonce Love On Top COVER - Chloe and Halle

After searching for "Love On Top" covers I've found the PERFECT one that everyone needs to see. It has piano too! Sounds VERY nice.
I'm telling you,it WON'T disappoint you!

Watch!!! Watch!!! WATCH!!!!!

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3gp video: Florence + The Machine - Cosmic Love

Unfortunately I couldn't send the Video to the blog soooooo I got the link to the video. You'll love it. ♥


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Florence + The Machine

Yes!!! Oh Yes!! This day has come. I've BEEN waiting to write about them!
Who's "Them" you ask? Florence + The Machine!!! :-D

Florence + The Machine are band. For many of those of you that don't know this group,Florence + The Machine's sense of music is really Indie Pop & Rock.
And by "Rock" I don't mean Ozy Osbourne :/. Just the normal "INDIE" Rock.

To be very honest with you,they are my favourite band. Their music really touches the soul.

Florence + The Machine just released a new album called "Ceremonials". VERY beautiful album {released 31st October 2011}. The album is 55:58 mins long.. [Nearly an hour].
Their previous album "Lungs" is also a very wonderful album. To tell the truth,I'm really torn between the two albums. THAT'S how BEAUTIFUL their music is.

My favourite songs from their new album are :-
•No Light No Light
•Shake It Out
•Never Let Me Go

If none of ya'll don't have at least one song of theirs on your phone,then you basically don't have a reason to be alive.

I'll try and post one of their video's later on. "Cosmic Love" from their previous album. ☺

Happy Holidays! ♥

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Men's Summer Wear

I'm not much of a person who really writes about Fashion on this blog. But the mess I've seen people wearing this summer? It makes me wanna slap them and re-dress the proper way.

Today,I'm going to be mostly focusing on Men's Summer Wear.

I've chosen Men's wear just because its very chilled and unique in its own way.
We'll be focusing on what to wear this summer.

First on our list are the Yellow Castaner's [First On Top]. These shoes go with any type of shorts! They're versatile. You could even wear them with some trousers {Rolled Up Of Course}.

Second on the list are the Denim shirts [Second From The Top]. Yes,I know its not winter but these shirts are the best. Go for the darker one's that have the buttons {So that you can roll 'em up and button 'em on top}. They perfectly go with the jeans,Wayfers and Vans {All Dark Of Course}.

Third on the list the Trousers [Third From The Top]. Trousers look absolutely AMAZING when their rolled up! Like seriously! Roll em up BUT DON'T OVER DO IT. That's the only rule. Never over do it or you're gonna end up looking like .. Like .. Well,you get what I mean right?

Fourth on the list is HATS! [Third From The Top]. If you're planing a day out to the beach or something,you HAVE to take a hat with you. But not just ANY hat. They have to be the right size and right colour. Hats go into almost any out fit! From vans with shorts and white tee to vans,trousers & denim shirts. They are a GREAT combination.

Fifth on the list is TEE'S!!! {T-shirt} [Fifth From The Top]. White Tee's for men in shorts are the way to go! *thumbs up*. Well,not just white tee's,you could also go for a more neutral colour like black or something like grey {depending on what you're wearing}. The white printed on Tee's are also thee best! Trust me! :)

Last but not least,SUNGLASSES! :-D. You know which one's I'm aiming for right?? Wayfers!! :-D. We all favour Wayfers right?? Well,I have to admit that I have an obsession with them. But not eeevvvvveeerrryyyyooonneeee looks good in them hey. Some of ya'll should switch to Aviators. They aren't bad at all. Wayfers & Aviators COMPLETE an outfit! If you don't agree with me then there's definitely something wrong with you.

This Post has been inspired by my cousin/friend/mate/fellow blog mate [ok fine,I'll stop with the titles] Zingiiiii! Ya'lls should totally check out her blog ----> you'll love it if you're a fashion Junkiiieee!!! :).

Well,that's all from me. If I see you in town and you're dressed in a "shady" way,brace yourself for my slap. (^^,).

Happy Holidays!!!

Enjoy Summer!! ♥

Sai Lah Vee


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5 Great Summer Holiday Spots

ALWAYS tired of being bored during summer holidays? Then this is the post for you!
*takes a pause* Gee,I sound like one of those Tv ads! (^^,).
Anywhoo.. Today,we have 5 hot summer holiday spots that you'd sure be interested in to look at! :)
Starting at number 5 [First Picture From Above] ::
We have The Isle Of Wight. The Isle Of Wight is very beautiful in terms of the beaches and not just in dazzling cliffs,the most famous being the Needles (Noooo,not the one's that you use to sew clothes) with tall white cragged stack jutting out of the sea.
Sounds pretty kiff hey? If you rrreeally like beaches,then this is the place for you! :)
Number 4 [Second Picture From Above] ::
Greece!! :-D
Yes people! This is the place to be!
Greece has a great culture and most friendly people. Their ocean's will AMAZE you. Its generally a holiday filled with simplicity and peace. No hooting cars like they are in the city! They have 5 Star Hotels with great room service. If you don't believe it,google Greece yourself.
Number 3 [Third Picture From Above] ::
Great Britain!
You expected something like from me huh?? :-D.
Yes people,Britain is the place to be.
The UK's most popular tourist destinations include Devon and Cornwall, the Lake District,the Cotswolds,Dorset and Scotland. Its filled with a lot of activities that you could do,like go to one of their Whiskey Tours (if you're a drinker :/),take a ride on a stream train on the West Highland Line.
Number 2 [Second Picture From The Bottom] ::
You obviously know I'm gonna mention Paris right? :'-D. Haha.
Well,Paris is also a big option. You could visit the Eiffel Tower and have tea on the outside in some fancy Café.
You could also rent a French Chateau. Or visit some horse-racing games.
Number 1 [First Picture On The Bottom] ::
Spain has been a long favourite of British holiday makers..
In particular, the Balearic islands of
Mallorca and Ibiza are perennial big-hitters (not forgetting Menorca),along with Canary Islands such as Tenerife and La Palma. Other great beach destinations include the Costa de la Luz and Catalonia.
But there's more to Spain than beaches. You could have a great walk in the Northern Spain and cycling Catalonia. There's also great accommodation there.
Those are the top 5 holiday spots!!
Have fun! :-D ☺
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Talk That Talk

Rihanna Has Done It Again!!

Rihanna just released her sixth studio album!
I'm not a much of a fan of her songs,but this album!? It makes you think twice about being Rihanna's fan.

She already has two hits on the album. "We Found Love" [Released September 22,2011] which is a dance-pop like song and "You Da One" [Released November 11,2011]

My favourite songs on the album are :-
•Birthday Cake
•Cockiness (Love It)
•Drunk On Love
•Watch N Learn
•We Found Love
•You Da One

Those songs are the best.

Well,that's all it from me ☺.
Happy Holidays!

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sorry :)

Greetings Fellow Readers!! :)

I have to apologize for not updating my blog for the past few months.

Thing is,I have been busy studying for my exams :).

Starting from now,I will be updating my blog regularly and you'll even start noticing some changes throughout the Blog.

I hope you understand.

Thank You.


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