AĽĽ Abōůŧ Ęllě

A Page Just To Give You An Idea Of Who I Really Am

Name : Lunika

Surname : Phillip

Age : Currently 14,Turning 15 In November

Where I Actually Live : Not To Be Mentioned

Where I Wish I Could Live : Cape Town,New York,Los Angeles,London

Favourite Places : NY,LA,London,Probably Morocco [due to the whole Bad Girls video],Alaska

Hobbies : Eating,Being A Couch Potato,Exercising,Being On My Phone,Blogging,Taking Pictures,Talking To Interesting People

Goal In Life : To Travel The World

Favourite Colours : Light Blue,Lime

Favourite Food : I don't really have a favourite food,I LOVE eating all kinds of things

Favourite Deserts : Malva Pudding,Waffles

Embarrassing Thing/s That Always Happen To Me : Always thinking a person is waving at you in town and I ended up waving back but it turns out their waving at the person behind me!

Weirdest Thing I've Ever Done : Licking a school pole. -- They're actually a lot of weird things I've done,but I just can't remember any at this time

Favourite Friend : NOT TO BE MENTIONED [Due to conflict that will happen if I actually mention the person]


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