Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whitney Houston Dead

Super star singer Whitney Houston is dead at 48 years old.

She was found and pronounced dead at Beverly Hills Hilton hotel on Saturday Afternoon ..
No cause of death has been revealed,but I'm guessing we're all pretty sure of what happened -- regarding her history with drug abuse.
This case is also rather similar to Elvis Presley's death ..

I send my deepest condolences to the Houston family.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Blue Ivy Carter Pictures :)

B & Jay have FINALLY released the baby pictures of Blue! :).

Here they are for those who haven't see them yet.

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Cape Town Trip! :)

H E L L O ! ! ! ! ! ! : - D

Hehe,no,I didn't change my font to that wacky typed kinda spaced writing thingie :/.


My grandparents and I are going to Cape Town today! Well actually,in just a few minutes (._. ).
I figured that should REALLY take a the book that I'm currently reading with me on this trip [to avoid the fighting and stuff :|]


The book I'm reading at the moment is "The Godsend",written by Bernard Taylor. -- Its a really good book. Its not one of those romance novels or anything. Its a thriller.

[How I came across the book ::: My English teacher suggested that we read a book (assignment for the whole term) and review it. I'm not much of a read (I'm not a reader at all actually) but the book is good]

A few days ago I was playing around with Google and I thought to myself "Hey,lemme see this book's reviews". I saw the results and stuff,and to my surprise,I saw that they even made a movie out of it :|. Actually,TWO movies. Well,one was made in the 80's (I think) and they're busy making one. I'm not sure when the movie is coming out,but I'm sure its gonna be a hit at the box office!

I've read a little so far (I'm currently on page 46 out of 120 pages) and I'm already loving it! :-D :)

Ya'll should buy the book and read it :) --- or at least watch the movie (^^,)

Now. Excuse me while I wait for the bus to come! :|.
Oh and 10 more pageviews till I get to 1000 :-D

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snooki's BI!!

Here's a shocker ... NOT.

Nicole Polizzi [also known as Snooki] from Jersey Shore recently formally announced that she's Bisexual.

To be honest,I'm really not surprised. I've been hearing a lot about her and how she made out with some chick called "Deena" on the show.

She also won't commit to fairer sex. She says the following :: "I would never be with a girl because I like… penis.
But I've experimented."

This really seem "unlady like" from my view. But hey,who am I to judge.

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Beyoncé :: Night Out

Now we all know that Mama B* hasn't been seen out since Blue Ivy has been born.
That all changed on Monday night [6th February].

Reason why she was in public? She was supporting her hubby Jay Z at his concert held at Carnegie Hall.

"It was amazing" she told the NY Daily News -- at the after party.

Picture :::
Spotted :: Mrs Carter rocked a Monique Lhuillier dress with Gucci shoes, a Chanel purse, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

Hope Ivy wasn't feeling too lonely with Mommy & Daddy out of the house for a day.

That's all from me :)

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Willow Smith BALD!!!

Miss Smith here decided to go and shave her hair :|. And yes,this is the same girl who made a hit song called "Whip My HAIR". [--- Talk about pulling an Amber Rose]
Guess she ain't be doing nun of that anymore (._. ),the whipping her hair part that is.

The 11 year old hair whipping Willow posted pictures of her on her WhoSay account on Thursday sporting the shaved head at a ballet class with a caption, "Dance Your Feelings Out"

Do you guys like the new cut?
In my opinion,the PICTURE looks cute just because she's pouting :)

Anyyywhhoooo! That's all from me :)


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Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Phone's Birthday!! :)

Oh and I only just realized a few minutes ago that its my phone's birthday today! :). Its only a year old!!

I've beeeeeen through hell and back with this BlackBerry! There were times where I actually wanted to throw it against the wall. And even though its been SUPER slow right now,I still love it! :)

Happy Birthday BlackBerry!!!! :-D

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Beach Day

*in british Royal People's voices when a Royal person enters the room* HeeeYyyiiieee HeeeYyyiiieee

Ok so I just tried to be cool and I guess it didn't work (._. )

Moving right along ...

So I told ya'll yesterday that I was going to write about Saturday,the day I was at the beach ☺.
It was last week when the heeeeaaaattt was killing EVERYONE!! [28th of January]

We went to East London in the morning [about 8h00 am] .. It was rather unexpected for me [I wouldn't have took the laxatives the night before if I knew]. Somehow the road seemed rather loooooooooooong!! [I'm sure you know what I mean by this]. After that,I got iiiiccee cream!!! :-D. Did a bit of Grocery,then went to the beaaaccchhh!!! :). After the beach,I stuffed my face with food AND ice cream,AGAIN!!

So we went to the beach [to eat],then rrrraaandomly,my grandpa & I got outta the car and we walked on the beach. [The sand was rather hot. Felt like I was walking on hot rocks]. After that,he [grandpa] randomly said I should take a swim! [As I said before,I wasn't prepared,meaning,I didn't have any extra clothes!]. So I just said,heyyy,what the heck! You Only Live Once [YOLO] hey!

My grandma couldn't get out of the car just because my cousin was asleep .. Even when she woke up,we tried taking her for a walk in the water but she didn't wanna go (._. )

Pictures From Above :::

1. My grandpa counting moneeeyyy to buy peaches for my grandma & I.

2. My grandma & my coouuussssiiiin! :)

3. Meeeee in my wet underwear [coverin' eyes]

4. The cruise that we saw :)

5. Looney The Beast!! ;)

Well,that's all from me :).

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Due to my network,school work AND my hectic life,I can't post anything daily and properly anymore. But I'll be back soon :). Promise I'll TRY to post something tomorrow about my Saturday last week.

Oh oh,and thank you Michael for fixing my Blogger :-D


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