Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Vanessa Hudgens & Hayden Panettiere

All you of you know Vanessa Hudgens & Hayden Panettiere ....

You might know Vanessa from the movie High School Musical (HSM)
And you know Hayden from the successful Tv series, Heroes

Since I jiggled up your memory,let's get down to business.

These two beautiful young ladies are Neutrogena's brand ambassadors and their both teaming up for Neutrogena's Wave For Change.

The two Neutrogena brand ambassadors joined kids at Junior Achievement Southern California to assemble disaster relief kits for a school in Alabama, which was recently affected by the devastating tornadoes.

The packages, which included school supplies as well as Neutrogena products, will arrive just in time for back to school. Wave for Change aims to raise up to $250,000 to benefit disaster relief, education, and environmental charities!

These ladies are doing well if I should say myself. Goodluck Vanessa & Hayden! ☺

And I hope everyone will like my new Celebrity Page ☺

That's all from me.

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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Special Day

Today's THE Day! ☺

Its the day everyone has been waiting for,for the past few days!

Its Nelson Mandela's birthday! :-D

He's the man that stood up for South Africa,and fought the parliament at the time. He's a VERY remarkable.
A LOT of people look up to him,and I should say,I AM one of those people.

There's also a Nelson Mandela Day which is on the 18th of July,that's his birthday. ☺.

Due to his birthday,Mr. Mandela himself,did a good thing by creating the contribution to the community for 67 minutes. Its like going to Children's Orphanage,Old Age Home,Soup Kitchen (etc) and doing your part,serving people FOR 67 Minutes ☺

So,What Did YOU Do For Your 67 Minutes? ☺

My special message to Mr. Mandela is,Thank You. Thank You for being a great person to us and building a strong nation. You have done great things,and we Thank You. We Love You Tatu ' Mandela ☺. Happy Birthday! Ubenemini Emnandi ☺

That's All

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Ms. Black


I know I've been away for a long time but hey,a kid has to enjoy his holiday right!?
But anyways,that's gonna change now.

Okay,So Today's Post Is About Ms. Rebecca Black

As all of you know,Rebecca Black is a 14 year old teen that took youtube like a storm,almost like Justin Bieber.
She made headlines,but for the wrong reasons.

Rebecca made a song called "Friday" everyone by know have heard the song. It didn't really get positive feedback. Heck,most people didn't like it. People say it has whack lyrics and it doesn't really make sense.

I also didn't like it at first but I just tolerate it..

Now,Rebecca has a new Single called "My Moment". It will debut on July 18 on Youtube and on her Website. Then on the 19th it will be available on iTunes.

Well,that's all from me.
Happy Reading & Happy Holidays! ☺

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