Sunday, September 2, 2012

2nd Of September!

Happy Spring To Everyone Out There!

I'm rather busy to update all my blogs,nor my facebook [& not forgetting twitter too].

But as soon as I have the time,I will start blogging regularly.

Anywhoo,you all go & enjoy yourselves this Spring! Before we know it,it'll be SUMMER!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Gucci Première ; Blake Lively

I'm stunned. I'm honestly,stunned. Who knew that watching simple tv,on a simple night,of your simple life,that you'd see an AMAZING advert? No like really!

What Am I Talking About?

Blake Lively & Gucci! This is a combination match-made in Heaven. I swear.

The Gossip Girl actress - surprisingly - & Gucci go SO WELL together. She's the new face of Gucci's "Première" Fragrance. I mean like,whaaaat!?

The whole ad just screams "Glamour"! And on top of that,the song that plays is a short remix of one of my favourite bands & favourite song ; M83 - Midnight City ♥

Click on THIS to see for yourself.


P.S Apologises for the last post - it was still in editing mode & unfinished.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My Top Billing Dream Winner!

After a few weeks of the Top 10 chosen to compete against each other,The long anticipated wait is finally OVER!! milkysmile

Jonathan Byonton-Lee was announced this evening [13th August] as the new Top Billing Presenter! :)

This young man has charmed the judges' [Patience,Eugene & Jeannie D] hearts & went head on competing with some great talent such as Zama Ngcobo ; who has acted on South Africa's favourite soapie,Generations - just to name a few. ;)

Catch Top Billing on Sabc 3 next week at 8pm and take a few minutes of your time & pop-by their site at

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Miley Ray Cyrus Chops Off Her Locks!

The 19yr old singer who claims that she "Can't Be Tamed" has proved that exactly.

From having long locks,to a twiggy-like hairstyle with BANGS! I mean,is there anything she can't do these days!?

She dropped vague hints throughout the day [Sunday] & tweeting some pictures of her getting her chop on! And as usual,she debuted the new look on her twitter page! I mean like,this is the same young lady that claimed that she's leaving twitter!

Honestly,for me,the new style seems rather dramatic,but then again,she seems like she's rocks! :P

What's YOUR input on this new style?

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ScreenTime With Nicky Greenwall!

Nicky Greenwall

Happy Jolly Blue Monday For Everyone! :). And when I say blue,I really mean B L U E! >_<

I hope everyone is well rested and ready to tackle the week by the balls! No pun intended ^_^

Nicky Greenwall has done it again! From being an Arts Anchor on E-News Live At 7,to hosting Nightlife & The Showbiz Report to - now what seems to be a soon-to-be hit show - ,ScreenTime With Nicky Greenwall.

ScreenTime With Nicky Greenwall aired on 11 August 2012 [Saturday] on Etv. The show is obviously hosted by Nicky Greenwall and it features in-studio interviews with local “high profile” South African Celebrities. Besides discussing the celebrities' lives,the show also covers the week's most talked about local and international entertainment news stories.

Catch this spectacular show on Etv every Saturday at 7:30pm just before the 8pm movie. ;)

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