Monday, January 23, 2012

Spots Day

Fellow Bloggers & Readers!!!

Ok,so I just needed something to catch your attention (._. ) ANYWAAAAAYYYYSSSS

On Friday [20th] at school,it was our Athletics Interhouse Day! Yeah yeah,for some people at their schools,its a great event and all BUT for us at STPS its always boring but not this year!!!! :-D

I had soooooo much fun that I even got sick [well,the day after not on the actual day]. I'm somehow still in recovery (._. ).

I hung out with my friends and some few other people,shared jokes,somehow landed up "gossiping" about other people [blame my friend Mbasa for this] and just had a gazzzziiilion laughs.

1st Picture on the top is actually Mark & I. My friend Siviwe took these pictures [hence there's nooooooo "pose" whatsoever] and as you can see,Mark was eating a pie (^^,)

2nd Picture ::: My friend Jed [yes,that's his full name (^^,)] wearing what I call the "NeerrrDiiieeZ*" and actually looking great in them :| [it came as a shocker to all of us actually]

3rd Picture ::: My CRAZY friend Azintle. She looks "normal" here though,but just DON'T run into her in a dark alley on a Friday night!!!

4th Picture ::: Abongile! My other great friend who hanged with ussssss the whole entire time! [Sorry about the picture being upside down]

5th Picture :::: The Grrrrrooouuuppp!!! [Missing some members though]

Had a good time while "some" of ya'll were stuck in classes and learning (^^,)

Anywhooooo! Enough of me rubbing it in.

Have A GREAT Week Ahead And Keep Visiting The Site To Check Out Some New Posts :) [will be updating]

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Good Luck*

Happy New Year!!!!! :-D :-)
Sorry I didn't blog earlier of the year,I was having my piece of fun ;-)

Anywhoo,let's get down to business :).

Today,we're gonna be looking at this amazing South African group called "Goodluck" ... Weird-ish name for a band right? Well .. Not entirely.
The group has 3 members. But I know 1 band member's full name. ::: Juliet Harding. --- Very beautiful girl.
She's the lead vocalist for the group.

The group makes dance & pop-like music.
One of their most popular song is "Taking It Easy" even their album is titled after the song. Another popular would be "Hop On Hop Off" which already has a video. [Same goes for Taking It Easy].

My opinion? They make really good music. Oh and if you wanna download one of their songs,go to the Music Site I have on my blog [Right sidebar under "Best Music Site"]

That's All From Me :)


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